SA Radiation was established in 2008 by Dr Kent Gregory as a leading provider of specialised radiation safety advice and training. Based in Adelaide, our clients include companies from the medical, mining, exploration, industrial and scientific industries located all over Australia.

Dr Kent Gregory

Kent is the Director of SA Radiation and has over 25 years of experience in the radiation safety industry. Kent’s experience has included: Kent

  • Over 10 years with the South Australian radiation regulatory body overseeing a variety of medical, industrial and scientific uses of radiation.
  • Clinical work as a Senior Medical Physicist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital using linear accelerators, imaging equipment, sealed sources and unsealed radioactive material.
  • Conducted a large number of radioactive material audits for various clients, including the identification of legacy radioactive waste, and re-encapsulating leaking sealed sources.
  • Preparing Radiation Management Plans for various industries, including implementation of monitoring programs, reviewing doses and investigating radiation incidents

Kent completed his PhD in Applied Physics (radiation safety) in 2012. He is an active member of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society (Past-President)) and is a member of the Australasian Radiation Protection Accreditation Board (ARPAB). He currently holds ARPAB certification, and is qualified to act as a company Radiation Safety Officer in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.

Mathieu Messeiller

Mathieu has worked as a geologist for over 10 years.  He has built a strong technical skill set across diverse fields of earth sciences.  His experience has included:

  • Exploration and production geologist for sedimentary uranium and copper gold deposits, managing drilling and logging programs
  • Wellsite geologist for oil and gas development, supervising mudlogging and logging operations
  • Project geologist in geothermal energy, contributing to exploration and development activities from geophysical campaigns to well completion and well testing

In his previous roles, Mathieu has been involved in NORM management, radon monitoring, radioactive ore handling and well logging using radioactive sources.  He has a Master’s degree in geology and has been trained as a radiation worker.

Mathew Cooper

Mathew’s area of expertise is in compliance testing of diagnostic X-ray apparatus, and radiation simulation. His experience includes:

  • Compliance testing of medical, veterinary, and dental X-ray apparatus, and shielding
  • Shielding design for PET, SPECT and diagnostic imaging X-ray apparatus
  • R&D of innovative radiation detection devices
  • R&D of shielding design simulators.

Mathew is currently completing his PhD in Physics (High Energy Astrophysics) at the University of Adelaide, after having already completed his Honours degree in Physics.

Vicki Wallman

Vicki has worked in the roles of Administration, Co-ordination and Area Management over the past 20 years in the franchising food sector. Her experience involves:

  • Managing office procedures, systems and staff, co-ordinating people and projects
  • Organisational development and streamlining processes for increasing productivity
  • Business planning and budgeting for growth and expansion
  • Liaising with clients and supporting teams through clear concise communication

In Vicki’s previous roles she has also worked closely with WHS, Food Safety, Marketing, Training, Contractual arrangements and negotiations, Sales and Customer Service

Alice Jagger

Alice has a background in physics and chemistry, with over 12 years of diverse and practical experience in radiation monitoring and management. She has experience in:

  • Radiation monitoring and management on mineral exploration, mining and mineral processing operations throughout Australia and in Africa
  • Pragmatic radiation management including: development of radiation, transport and waste management plans for various projects; design and implementation of monitoring programs; determination of controls for exposures to people and the environment; audit and review
  • Assisting organisations to achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements for management of radiation

Alice’s work in remote locations and mine sites has led to the development of a broad knowledge base and a practical skill set. She holds a science degree with majors in physics and chemistry, is a member of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society, and is qualified to act as a radiation safety officer in South Australia and Western Australia.