Need a radiation licence?

SA Radiation offers the following approved licence level training courses:

CourseAvailable For:
Industrial Radiography
Cabinet X-Ray Units (service and installation)
Bore Hole Logging
Fixed Gauges
Portable Moisture / Density Probes
XRF & XRD analysers (enclosed)N/A *N/A ^
XRF Analysers (portable)N/A *N/A ^
Radioactive Material in Laboratories
Radioactive ores and concentrates
X-ray irradiators
Medical X-ray installers
Fluoroscopic imaging (e.g. cardiologists)
Mini C-arm (e.g. orthopaedic surgeons)
DEXA (research only)
Shielding verification
Radiation Safety Officer Training

* Use licences are not required in Victoria, so long as the company has a Management Licence.

^ Use licences are not required in WA, so long as users are under the general supervision of a licence holder.

Courses designed specifically for the needs of your business can also delivered.  For example, refresher courses for licensed staff, and shorter awareness courses for unlicensed staff can be delivered upon request.

Note that as of 13 May 2019, the SA regulator (EPA) no longer recognises radiation safety training courses. SA Radiation can still provide training, however assessments for licensing purposes are now conducted by the EPA.

Please contact SA Radiation for further information regarding our training courses, or a quotation.