About the Company

Established in 2008, SA Radiation has grown to a staff of six. Our consultants have the expertise to deal effectively and comprehensively with a broad range of radiation safety issues. Consulting to the mining, exploration, industrial, medical and research industries, SA Radiation’s specialised consultants have the depth of experience to deliver efficient, high quality radiation safety services.

SA Radiation has built up strong working relationships with Australian radiation regulators over many years. We also have detailed knowledge of the different requirements of each jurisdiction. Put together, SA Radiation’s clients can rest assured that all regulatory compliance matters are handled correctly and efficiently.

Radiation Safety Consultant Profiles

Dr. Kent Gregory

Kent has 25 years experience in radiation safety and is recognised as a leader in the industry in Australia. He is an active member of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society and is a member of the Australasian Radiation Protection Accreditation Board (ARPAB). He is an expert in naturally occurring radioactive material management.

Mathieu Messeiller

Mathieu has provided radiation safety services in the mining, industrial and oil & gas sectors. He has conducted radiological surveys in the Eucla Basin, the Murray Basin, Sri Lanka and offshore surveys the North West Shelf of Australia and in Sri Lanka for mineral sands and gas production operations. Mathieu is fluent in French, English, and German.

Alice Jagger

Alice is a field specialist with 14 years experience primarily in relation to uranium mining and exploration. Alice has participated in numerous baseline radiological characterisation projects targeting uranium, mineral sands, rare earth elements and copper. She has had permanent operational radiation safety roles at Beverley Uranium Mine (Australia) and Kayelekera Uranium Mine (Malawi). She has been involved in project-based radiation safety roles at the Honeymoon Uranium Mine, the Ranger Uranium Mine as well as the Olympic Dam Mine.

Mathew Cooper

Mathew is an experienced compliance tester of diagnostic and analytical X-ray units, primarily in the medical industry. He holds compliance testing accreditation for a range of X-ray units, including high dose rate devices such as CT and fluoroscopy. Mathew is also experienced in radiation shielding design, and has developed modelling software to assist in the calculation of shielding requirements for both radiology and nuclear medicine facilities.

Martin Jane

Martin has over 11 years experience as a radiation safety specialist and emergency response coordinator, primarily in the mining industry. He specialises in radiation management plans, dosimetry, transport management and emergency response. He has coordinated the design of occupational radiation dose databases and software. Martin is also completing compliance testing accreditation for X-ray units and shielding design.