What is ARMN?

The Australian Radiation Monitoring Network (ARMN) links a variety of instruments used to collect radiation measurements across Australia.

The information gathered is compiled into maps and other easy to access formats for the use of school students, researchers and community members.

The purpose of the ARMN is to:

- Improve community understanding of radiation

- Improve the Australian dataset of natural background radiation

- Contribute to STEM education

- Help Australia meet its international obligations regarding radon measurements

Schools and interested community members can register their interest to get involved in the data collection.

What is Measured?

Initially ARMN will measure radon concentrations in buildings, using an instrument that reports every hour, plus a passive sensor which provides longer term average radon concentrations.

Some of our instruments:

Radon Eye

The Radon Eye automatically connects to a network and records radon progeny levels.

It is left in a room for at least 24 hours to record a stable measurement.

Gamma Spectrometer

The gamma spectrometer is built for measuring gamma radiation, and identifying its frequency.

It can be used to determine the radioactive decay that caused the gamma ray.

Geiger-Muller Meter

This is a general-purpose radiation meter.

It can measure both beta and alpha particles, as well as X-rays and gamma rays.

As funding for ARMN is increased, the range of radiation measurements will be expanded to include terrestrial and cosmic gamma dose rates, and soil activity concentrations.

Get Involved

For more information, please contact:

Kent Gregory:

Cameron Jeffries:

Jim Hondros: