Shielding Design

When designing shielding for X-ray units, various factors need to be taken into account. These factors include X-ray unit make and model, orientation, size of the X-ray room, and the state or territory in which the installation is to occur. SA Radiation produces a Shielding Design Report (SDR), which specifies the amount of shielding required in each barrier of the room. The SDR can specify shielding as lead, concrete, steel, or any other type of shielding material requested.

Calculating the required shielding becomes complex when there is more than one radiation source. Examples include PET imaging clinics, radio-iodine treatment facilities, and industrial radiography sites. To assist with these multi-source calculations, we have developed a webapp. The webapp allows shielding to be added, modified, and removed with the consequent dose rates updated visually instantaneously.

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